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    Jana Rade

    Don't feel bad, we are not ready for Christmas either. Sometimes there are more important things.

    Pets rescue

    Marcus is looking fantastic in the first picture.. Your are doing a much help for homeless dogs.. Hope you give new life to all and continue your work.. Great job!!!

    Deborah Northcutt

    Marcus looks beautiful dog in every angle... He's like a new student. I mean the same facial expression you see in a new students or trainee. I like your post. It's a worth reading article.

    dog training tips

    The dog is cute and adorable.YOu're such a good person, helping dogs which are homeless.May your good deeds be an example to us,to put in our minds the word,"be kind to animals".

    Постои очигледно многу да знаат за ова. Мислам дека направивме некои добри поени во карактеристики, исто така. Продолжете да работите, голема работа!

    Deborah Northcutt

    I like seeing trainees having their first day, they look naive... I like your post it's definitely worth reading. Thank you for sharing this.


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