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    A very accurate description of how a puppy must feel when a shock collar is used. Dogs are social beings, trying to see things through their eyes and put yourself in their shoes puts everything in the right perspective. Great post!

    Silvia Jay

    100% in favor of a complete ban.

    Debbie Jacobs

    I was pleased to learn that the salespeople at our local pet shop discouraged people from buying shock collars, recommending training classes instead. They had a large display case of them though.

    Mel Freer

    What a great way to demonstrate why using a shock collar can be so harmful to a young puppy or adult dog.

    I have seen people shock at wrong times for behavior they were trying to correct and shock by accident because they couldn't remember which button made the buzz and which shocked. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to see this happen. No doubt these dogs will need a trainer eventually to help resolve issues that arose from shock collar.

    Great post!

    Leslie Fisher

    Thanks so much for all the positive comments, taking the time to read this blog,much appreciated. it is very helpful to have insights and perspective of readers. Glad to know that example/descriptions thought accurate, and sure wish I could find a way to get that local store clerk off his shock collar wagon. He is so into it, very disturbing.

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