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    So very true... I have four 13 week old puppies right now that are so impressionable. I can't even begin to imagine presenting anything other than positive reinforcement to them for what I want. It is so easy to get them to join in on the fun and rewards and they quickly show the desired behaviors again and again! Why not have fun and love with your dog while getting them onboard with your lifestyle?

    Leslie Fisher PMCT

    Sara, you must be a busy gal! did you keep all those puppies? How old are they now? So happy to hear that your embrace positive reinforcement as well.

    distempter vaccine for dogs buffalo

    Thanks for the nice post.So true..Just have fun with your dogs and enjoy every moment with them.
    Until canine distemper vaccine became available in the 1950’s, this viral illness was widespread and widely responsible for fatal illness in pet dogs. Now, vaccination against distemper is routine, and the vaccine is reliable and easily obtained as well as low in cost.
    Thanks to the wide availability and acceptance of effective vaccines, distemper has practically been eliminated from the dog world. However, while some dog owners and experts are therefore questioning whether the vaccine is still necessary, the fact is that the distemper virus still exists in just about every environment, and it can and will attack a dog that has not built up immunity to it through vaccination.

    how to train your puppy

    Oh, actually you're right.I think to be able to teach puppies, one should have known and learn to be a dog trainer.Am I right?

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